Seele (SEELE)

Current price: $ 0.000089

24 hours price change: $ -0.000008 (-8.25%)

Selfservice technical analysis for Seele (SEELE)

Technical analysis offers a method to determine the future prices. In the dynamic chart below, you can perform technical analysis on Seele (SEELE). The chart offers different types of technical analysis indicators.

The chart contains the OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) indicators of the Seele per day. The green and red 'candles' in this chart indicates whether the Seele increased or declined in value on a single day. The OHLC chart also has lines that can be moved, two blue lines to draw trends on Seele, and two blue, dotted horizontal lines to add the support and resistance lines for Seele.

The OHLC chart on the Seele also contains three trailing moving average lines:

  • dark blue: 10 days moving average
  • light blue: 20 days moving average
  • orange: 50 days moving average

At the bottom of the OHLC chart, the daily volumes in Seele are added. These volumes are used in different financial technical indicators.

Below the OHLC chart, the MACD for Seele is added. With the MACD, the strength of the trend and the possible turning points can be determined for the Seele. You can find more information on the page explaining the MACD.

The lowest chart shows the RSI for Seele. RSI stands for Relative strength index, which measures the speed and direction of change of the Seele. An explanation on the RSI can be found here.

Use the above dynamic chart for technical analysis on Seele.

You can zoom in and out in the above chart for Seele using your mouse.The blue trendlines and the dotted blue support and resistance lines can be moved using your mouse in the chart.


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