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Daily analysis of Komodo (KMD) - 1 year

The performance of Komodo regarding the price differs every day. To make the best decision to buy Komodo, we are analysis in this article the performance of Komodo on the different weekdays. The amounts for this analysis are in USD ($). The analysis is performed on the last 1 year, starting on September 23rd, 2018 to September 22nd, 2019.

In the barchart below, the weekdays and average performance of Komodo are shown side by side.

Average daily change in price of Komodo per weekday between 09/23/2018 and 09/22/2019.

According to the performance of Komodo between September 23rd, 2018 and September 22nd, 2019, Komodo performed the best on Thursdays. On average, the price of Komodo increased 2.00% on Thursday.

The weekday on which the Komodo performed the worst, is Wednesday. On Wednesdays, the Komodo declined in value on average by -1.35%.

Komodo weekday performance

On Sundays, the Komodo decreases in value on average with -0.77%. On most of the Sundays the Komodo decreases in value between -6.25% and 4.71%. The uncertainty (5.48%) is higher than the average decline percentage (-0.77%). Therefore, expected range of price changes of the Komodo on Sundays is large.

It is hard to tell whether the Komodo will increase or decrease in value on an average Monday. The average change on a Monday for the Komodo is -0.07%. However, the standard deviation on this weekday is 4.91%. This means that on most Mondays, the change in value of the Komodo is between -4.99% and 4.84%.

On an average Tuesday, the Komodo increased 0.39%. However, since the expected deviation is 6.55%, the Komodo will decline in value on a Tuesday quiet regularly. The expected price change of the Komodo on a Tuesday is between -6.16% and 6.94%.

The Komodo declines in value on an average Wednesday with -1.35%. However, the uncertainty (or standard deviation) is quite large, namely 6.67%. This means that it is not possible to say whether on a regular Wednesday the Komodo will increase or decrease in value.

On an average Thursday the Komodo shows an increase in value of 2.00%. However, the change of Komodo on most of the Thursdays is between -3.55% and 7.55%. Therefore it is hard to tell whether an average Thursday is a good day to start buying Komodos.

Allthough the Komodo decreases in value with -0.35% on an average Friday, the uncertainty of this decline is large. The standard deviation of the change of Komodo on Fridays is 3.94%. This means that the expected change of the value of Komodo is between -4.29% and 3.59% on 68 out of 100 Fridays.

Komodo increased in value on an average Saturday only slightly. The average increase in value of the Komodo was 0.20%. Allthough the Komodo closed a little higher very day compared to the opening, the variability of this result is high, as shown by the standard deviation (4.53%). This means that on 68 percent of the Saturdays, the change in price of the Komodo is expected to be in the range of -4.32% and 4.73%.

Komodo weekday performance details

Find below the details of the performance of Komodo per day of the week. Both the average change in percentage and the standard deviation. The higher the standard deviation is, the higher the variation within the range of average change. Therefore, the 68% range has been added, which represents the change in price on 68% of the days.

Weekday Average change (%) Standard deviation (%) 68% range
Sunday -0.77% 5.48% -6.25% to 4.71%
Monday -0.07% 4.91% -4.99% to 4.84%
Tuesday 0.39% 6.55% -6.16% to 6.94%
Wednesday -1.35% 6.67% -8.02% to 5.31%
Thursday 2.00% 5.55% -3.55% to 7.55%
Friday -0.35% 3.94% -4.29% to 3.59%
Saturday 0.20% 4.53% -4.32% to 4.73%